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and a new world opens up


We design meals for individuals and families, even if someone in the family has a food allergy or wants to lose weight.

Healthy eating

If you can only get a healthy diet, so that the food is delicious.

Losing weight

If you not only want healthy and delicious food, you also want to lose weight.

Food allergy

If you or a family member has a food allergy and is having trouble choosing a recipe.

is the solution!

Select recipes

You can select recipes for all meals of the day for a specified period.
Family eating habits may differ, so you can choose how many times you want to eat each day, as well as optional recipes and preparation suggestions for each meal. Here you can also
specify if you only want to plan meals for two days or two
weeks in advance.


You’ll receive a full shopping list with locations to buy the ingredients cheaply. Based on selected recipes, you get a complete shopping list! The program can also check where you go shopping. When you plan your shopping and make a conscious purchase, you don’t buy unnecessary things that land in the trash! This can save a lot of money for every household!

Prepare the dishes

To prepare the dishes, you can find a description, and possibly videos, and the program helps divide the quantities of the meal between the family.